Shuper PANDA with Digital Citizen Fund

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Barry Parker is the real name of the superhero who everyone calls it ... Shuper panda!

He was an ordinary panda, with an ordinary life, He livedhis life in a captivity way that was always the same, and Barry wanted to look beyond a crystal, want to be seen as someone really important and not simply a animal about to die, he wanted to help people and be this a better world. Barry had friends in captivity one of them named Poncho was his friend.

One night he heard that a big storm was coming.  Barry was frightened that, every time lightning struck all lit up, Barry was asleep under his tree, when a lightning hit in he causing a discharge in Barry, Barry screamed at the sensation that ran through his body, did not last long and It was fortunately well, He felt a little weird, instantly, suddenly someone  went to see what was happening but saw that Barry was asleep as usual. The next morning when Barry played unintentionally collided with the tree and made it drop, throughout that week he was realizing some of his powers when the mood changed and that caused at something that was not normal

Something that happened was that he got  force powers, he could fly,  move quickly, He got resistance, developing their skills and a human resistance to fire.

It's superpowers over time handling perfectly and decided one day to escape from captivity and do something for humanity leaving his friends from that captivity and starting a new life...

To be continued