Sick New Female Product Launch (9% conversion rate)

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First off, let me start by saying I have worked mybutt, my mind, and my fricking SOUL to the bare, bloody bone  to be able to sit here and tell you what I am about to say. Many of you may have noticed that I’ve been early silent for the past few months, and that’s for one very explosive reason. I’ve been cooking up an absolutely INSANE blockbuster of a VSL….…And when I say ‘cooking’ I mean I’ve literally
stayed up for days, pushing myself to the ABSOLUTE limit of extremes. And it’s with an almost infinite level of utter and ultimate shock, and satisfaction that I can announce today that I have before you what is about to become the BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTERLAUNCH of the entire summer! Now you guys know I usually never sit around tooting my own horn, and I am an extremely upfront “just list the facts” kind of a guy. But I have worked every inch of every possibleaspect of this new program to its absolute extreme limits to pull out the highest conversions yet, beating out even my most
successful programs to date.… This blockbuster is already showing a SOLID 9%
Front End Conversion rate.… We’re seeing a $3.75 over EPC rate (including upsells), which is nearly DOUBLE THAT of any of my other programs.No, this isn’t on my list. This is actually on an affiliate’s list.I got a super affiliate to test this out today & here is what he said –“I can't think of anything I've seen like this before.”Heck, currently he's seeing a $3.75 overall EPC.

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… I’ve been seeing customers buying at a rate I can’t even describe. This is the hungriest I have ever seen a crowd be for a program of this nature.Women are absolutely going nuts for this… and for good reason too.
And this is EXACTLY why you need to get in on this launch ASAP, because I’m telling you- from past experience, and present showings….that this program is literally already the BIGGEST, and most INTENSELY successful program I have ever produced. This will be the “make it, or break it” program for you if you’re looking to break into a higher affiliate bracket, or if you’re looking to bring home 5-6 figures very quickly.And if you’re a newer affiliate, I can almost GUARANTEE that you’ll see the most insane numbersof any promotion you’ve ever had with this. This is the PERFECT time to get in on a program this hot, because not only will you see crazy numbers,but you’ll also see a shift in the market that mayhave otherwise been dry up until now.Oh- and stay tuned for the prize reveals….because I’m going to have some sick numbers coming up for this round of the contest, and I’ll also be throwing in some bonus prizes and raffles for you guys.  And keep your eyes peeled for future emails, where I’ll be revealing this bad boy, and I’ll also be giving you my masterfully created affiliate swipes and more- to help ENSURE you see the craziest conversions and EPC’s with this product.And remember- something like this doesn’t come around every day, or even every month.  This is something you’ll NEED to be in on ASAP, and the results will speak for themselves.

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