Siggy Flicker Gives Us Dating Advice

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Relationship expert Siggy Flicker sat down to talk to The Lab NYC's Arthur Kade. Siggy, who previously had a show on VH1 entitled "Why Am I Still Single?", tells us why we are such bad daters saying, "I think that everyone is afraid of rejection and once you can get over the fear and realize that in order to get to anywhere in life you're going to have to fall flat on your face and nobody wants to be alone so I have a lot of people that stay in relationships that they know are toxic for them and they want to get out but everybody's afraid and I say I'd rather be with a green mask on my face on a Friday night than with the wrong person" She talks about the probability that being paired up with a match maker will actually work out, saying "There's no guarantees that it will work out, all we have is to keep putting ourselves out there because there is nothing more important than love" Siggy is unique in her approach because she uses her personal life experiences in order to direct others, she says she puts herself out there for other people to learn. She tells us about a failed eight year marriage to the perfect man and shows us how she turned it into a positive life experience. Siggy also tells us that while marriage is not for everyone, if you see yourself getting married then you should go through with it so you do not end up with regrets. Arthur talks to Siggy about the struggles of dating in a metropolitan area saying that people have the power to control their destiny no matter where they are. Siggy also talks about sustaining a relationship in the world of celebrities, she says the world is different for them because they cannot tell who is real and who is not. She tells us about the different roles spouses have to play in a relationship in order to make things work, Siggy says that you have to be able to switch personalities in order to give support, and points out that sex is crucial in a relationship. Watch the interview to see Siggy explain the dynamic of celebrity couples such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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