Signs and symptoms of Heart attack

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Now also in this World majority of people are suffering from heart attack and give their lives due to several heart diseases but if we can guess the sign and symptoms of heart attack earlier we can treat such disease because studies reveals that 85% damage of the heart occurs during the first two hours of heart attack.Almost 50% people dies before they are brought to the Hospital and 25-30% patients die within 1-2 hours .so lets know what are the signs and symptoms of heart attack because it can happen in any age at any time.

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1.Chest pain is the most important sign of heart attack and if any people suffers from such discomfort in chest ,they should immediately go to the emergency for a health check up .Though maximum cases it proves that gases may create such chest pain but people should be aware because heart disease like angina pectoris may be also one reason of such pain ,frequent chest pains should be given more important .

2.Left shoulder pain and numbness is also one sign of heart attack because if blockage increases that happens and patients suffer from heart attack .First shoulder portion starts paining and then with time the pain run through whole left arm and persists with severity with time .

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3.Sometime heart patients suffer of severe pain in jaws which is a strong symptom of heart attack and if such conditions persists for longer period of time ,they have to consult the doctors .Jaws becomes numb with time and patient feels very uncomfortable to take food ,always feel a locking impact .

4.Dizziness ,nausea and vomiting are the signs of problems in heart and if patients suffer from such diseases ,if such conditions occurs ,they have to go to doctors for a check up.Actually these symptoms are main indications that our blood pressure is fluccuating and that may create the heart attack .

5.Sudden swelling of feets and arms are indication of heart failure ,mainly the right side of the heart when fails to perform such conditions occurs .If such conditions occur one have to check their creatinine level and if that is normal ,they should do a ECG to check the life of their heart.

6.If any heart patients face irregular heart beats ,they should consult their physicians because that may be an indication of heart attack because that can be a indication of inactivity of heart muscles and valves so we have to be more cautious in such conditions. 

7.If some patients suffer from sudden high blood pressure which is very much abnormal should be cautious because that can create several heart problems with heart attack.Very high blood pressure indicates that some heart blockage conditions are there .

8.Frequent pain in head without much reason may be an indication of heart attack ,if such condition anyone is facing they should consult their physicians .When the blood supply in inadequate to the brain ,that can lead to attack .

9.Difficulty to catch things or chew  may be an earlier indications of heart attack .Failing any work to do easily can be an indication of heart attack .

10.Any patients having frequent redness and heaviness in eyes without any infections should consult their physicians because that can be an indications of heart attack.  

Causes of Heart attack 

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Heart attack mainly caused by the blockage of coronary arteries which supplies nutrients to the heart ,with the blood platelets and cells ,the fat also been transported and slowly with time the fat began to deposit creating plague.


here the outer portion of the plague becomes harder and the inside portion remains softer ,slowly fat occupies the path and the platelets began to deposit creating blood clogging and at the end ,the blood cells transport stops creating blockage .

Heart attack signs in Men and Women 

We might be thinking that in men and women the heart attack signs and symptoms may be the same but in reality its not true .Here are the main differences in signs and symptoms 

1.Its seen that the chest pain may occur in the left side of the Heart in case of men but in women case the scenerio is just the opposite because here the pain occurs mainly in the right side .

2.In case of female or women ,the pain may be like stomach pain which they may think as ulcer or heart burn .

3.The upper back pain with numbness of the jaw is more in women than men .

4.Women get more exhausted earlier and they feel or experience more nausea ,vomiting then men  in case of heart attack and they face fainting also in some situations .

5.In max cases of heart attack women feels that they are suffering from the symptoms of flu .

6.In both cases of men and women ,shortness of breathing occurs 

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How to identify that a person is suffering from recent heart attack ?

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Its very hard to identify a heart attack in a person because pain in heart may be a cause of heart burn or other acidity problems so its better to watch some points so that we can identify the heart attack in that person.

1.We should watch that the person can speak clearly or not because after a heart attack in most cases the patient face problem in speaking .

2.We have to see that the person can raise his hands smoothly or not as it will be very difficult for him to raise the left hand in case of a heart attack .

3.We can see his eyeballs and tell him that he can see properly or not because blurred vision may arise in such situations .

4.Me in many cases saw that during heart attack if we can check the blood pressure , the parameter goes more than abnormal in systolic and diastolic .

5.A sudden urination can occur if a patient suffers from sudden heart attack and that occurs in that spot only .





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