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There was a young lady named Claire
She's lovely with a long fair hair
She began living in a horse shelter
A decision for a desolate vagrant.

One night she heard a few shouts
What's more thought t'was all a fantasy
Dragging herself to look outside
Her pulse beating side to side.

She would not like to see
For terrified is all she'll be
Yet the shouts were eerie
The inquisitive feline was needing.

Dear me the entryway was opened
Unbridled shouts tormented
Never thought the sound of sheep
Can disintegrate her solid front.

As tactful as a mobile feline
Liberating the exploited people's all she need
It seemed as though to ask
At the point when not one lifted a leg.

Reluctantly she conveyed one
A considered sparing one than none
The shouts were passing by
She ran and about shouted.

As the chilling stillness creeps
Underneath the moonlight shadow
Useless quality took its toll
'Till she heard shouts no more.

Yet an alternate bad dream has passed
In the midst of the quiet of the sheep
Stirred from the sleep
Are the voices of thunder.

"Will it ever end?" she says
Inside her head she mourns
Only in light of the fact that sparing one
Wound up sparing none.


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