Simple things

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That night Sue quarreled with her mother, and she did not bring anything with us do not use out of the house. While wandering on the road, she realized he did not have any money in my pocket, even a few cents is not enough to call home.

At the same time she went through a noodle shop, sweet aroma rises suddenly choking her hungry mature. She was craving for a bowl of noodles too but no money!
Pasta sellers faltered see her standing before the counter asked him: "Hey girl, do you want to eat a bowl?" Section.
"But ... but I do not carry cash ..." - she replied shyly.
"Okay, I'll treat you - the seller says - By the way, I cooked her a bowl of noodles."
A few minutes later he brought the bartender to give her a bowl of steaming noodles. Sitting edible pieces, Sue burst into tears.
"What happened?" - He asked.
"Nothing. In touching me too! "- Sue said as she wiped tears hand.
"Even someone who is not familiar to me in the street while a bread bowl, and my mother, after a quarrel she had thrown her out of the house. Note strangers but also expressed interest in me, and my mother ... baits evil too! "- She said the seller Wheat ...
Listen Sue said, he sighed bartender: "Hey girl, why think so? Think back on, I just had a bowl of her treatment, but she was so touched, her mother had raised her since she was tiny, why are you not grateful that even dare disobey her mother again ? ".
Sue startled surprised to hear that.
"Why did not I think of that? A bowl of strangers they feel indebted, and his mother raised her customers for years, but I never even expressed concern to his mother in the slightest. But just because its a small thing to quarrel with his mother?
On the way, she thought in his mind what she would say to her mother: "Mom, I'm sorry. I know it's my fault, please forgive me mother ... ".
When you step on the threshold of the door, she saw her mother was tired and worried because she was looking around. Seeing Sue, her mother said happily: "Sue, went into the house. I'm really hungry right? Mother cooked meals while now and then, to eat right for the hot ... ".
Can not hold back anymore, Sue cried in my arms.
In life, we sometimes easy to appreciate the small gestures that make some people around us, but for the relatives, especially parents, we see their sacrifice as matter of course ...
The love and care of parents worry that the most precious gift that we were given when born.
Parents do not expect us to pay nourished, but ...
Whether we ever appreciate the sacrifice of unconditional our parents yet?


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