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Being single  - Is it a choice or faith brought you to be one?

Some factors why some people chose to be single forever based on my opinion and personal observations.

Don't have relationship since birth

1. Trauma - They witnessed a bad relationship from friends, relatives or parents so they don't want to experience it by not entertaining any relationship from opposite sex. Another thing is something bad happened to them that caused the trauma

2. Aloofness - They don't want to socialize with men or women because of personal reasons only them knew.

3. Lack of sex appeal - Admit it not all pretty lady or handsome man have sex appeal so the opposite sex don't sees them as a potential lover.

4. Homosexual  - They don't want to have any relationship with the opposite sex and with the same sex either because they don't want the world to know that they are homosexual.


Have previous relationships

1. Unsuccessful previous relationship - The previous relationship brought so much pain so they don't want to feel it anymore from another.

2. One man woman or vice versa - When the past relationship was gone maybe by death or separation they don't want another relationship because they promise to themselves to love only one man or woman.

3. Trauma - The previous relationship brought trauma caused by tragic incidence so they chose not to have another relationship anymore.

4. Identity Crisis - When they experienced to have a relationship with the opposite sex they found out that they really want is the same sex but don't have the guts to have any relationship with them because of reputation.


If being single is a choice or your faith there are many things in this world that will make you happy and worth living for.

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