single mother

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I am proud of my mother for being a single parent. She was able to sacrifice from being away with to support us financially. It’s hard being away to mother. I’m jealous for girls who are very close to their mom. Whom they can tell stories or problems encountered. I’m jealous to those who have father that will fetch their children and stop at the grocery store and buy something for her child because they did great at school. I and my brother quarrel every now and then, maybe just because we’re just looking for attention of a parent. We used to be friends sometimes, but if worst become enemy, then later on become friends again because we need each other. If we have school activities, I’m jealous of my classmates who bring their parents to watch their performances. Every time we have activities, I felt I don’t belong, I felt no one is proud of me because I don’t have parents to watch my performances. But later on, I used to live on it.

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