Sit-In Protests in Pakistan

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14th of August was the day when a leader of political party started a campaign against the current government and massive number of people come along with him to the capital city of Pakistan which is Islamabad? It’s been 3 months now, though number of people are decreased but still the party is there and changing its strategies time by time and according to the situation. All of this was started when Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf accused the current government that it was involved in rigging. There were several other factors which were behind all of this mess, Inflation, energy crisis and security situation were most prominent. It’s been almost 1.5 years now but this government is unable to solve few basic issues and kept on blaming other institutions that they are not cooperating or pulling their legs. Reality cannot be changed and we cannot deny facts because people who come out on roads for protest are the real analysts of the progress or work done by the government.

By keeping in view about the killings of peaceful protestors and then creating hurdles in their case is the reality and reason behind the sit-ins and nationwide protests. People of Pakistan want a change in this culture that’s why they are on streets; they don’t want their generations to suffer. There should be a change in system, political reforms are a must, and people have realized about their rights and they think if they don’t get the rights in a legal way then they should protest to snatch their rights that are what is currently happening in this country. Political parties may blame the non-political forces but their own mistakes have done all of the damage and that’s why they are facing all of these protests. We must work hard for the prosperity of this country, Politicians must realize that these issues should come to end so that country can make progress.

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