Six Things I'm Thankful For

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I just watched Film Annex’s latest independent film in which they interviewed several female teachers and students who talk about the importance of technology in young people's lives in Afghanistan and the Afghanistan education system. It made me think about all the things I take for granted in my everyday life. So I wanted to take a moment to reflect and show my thankfulness.

  1. My voice: We females have not always had the opportunity or freedom to speak our mind. I am so grateful that I have a voice that is respected.
  2. My education: Not only did my parents push me to do well in school but supported me attending a not so cheap college. They always have been by my side and encouraged me to learn as much as I could. It's shocking that the education for women in Afghanistan has been so far from this. [Check out my best friend’s blog here that talks about the fundamentals of education that we may forget]
  3. My Job: Some days I wake up and think, ”Ugh! I have to go to work today!” I Instead I should appreciate that I have a job, I like what I do and work with some amazing people. How many women in other countries would dream of having this??
  4. My Computer: With it I can connect to the world in the flash of a button, share my voice with others and learn new things
  5. My iPhone: This may sound superficial but my life has changed with my iPhone. How easy it is to find yourself when you’re lost, connect so easily to friend and family, to have social experiences on the fly and entertain yourself when you have time to kill
  6. My Freedom: I am free and not persecuted. I am proud of being a woman, I can speak my mind, learn, work, wear what I chose and love whom I want to.

I hope this is a small reminder to not forget to wake up each morning and be grateful for all that you have. Check out Film Annex’s latest blogs on the Afghan Development project here


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