Sixer World Cup Notes

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Shaan Tahir -

We are back in business.
After almost a week’s break, Pakistan has their second match of the World Cup tomorrow.
They take on the flamboyant and probably equally unpredictable team: the West Indies.
They have had an upsetting start to their World Cup campaign as well.
In fact, they should be more devastated with their loss than Pakistan because the West Indians scored 300+ and still lost the game.
Also, West Indies lost from Ireland and it hurts just slightly more when you become the result of a shocking upset in a tournament like the World Cup.
The Pakistanis know all about it as we have been the subject of that embarrassment when we lost against Bangladesh in 1999 and Ireland in 2007.
However, it’s a new day and all these past records and stats evaporate when you step on to the field.
Pakistan needs to be very careful not to allow the West Indian batsmen get in their stride and start striking the ball from the word go.
Be it the first or second innings, there’s no stopping Gayle if he starts middling the ball.
Two wickets from the top puts the West Indian team under pressure and that is exactly what the Pakistani bowlers should aim to do.
It’s an extremely important game for both the teams because another loss means the road to the next round just gets steeper.
The Pakistani team is striving for some balance and momentum right now.
This will be a good time in the tournament for them to get their confidence back.
Good luck team Pakistan.

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