Skin Art: Yay or Nay?

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Would you consider having any kind of art put on your skin? Let's find out!

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Cool chat experience right? Had fun making it, hope you liked it too!

As for having art on my skin, well I never was one to draw on myself as a kid. Maybe I did a few times but I didn't really think much of it. I was more into drawing on walls and paper and other usual items used for art, even big stones!

In 2015 I suddenly got the urge to draw and create art on my skin. Not because I was a fan of tattoos or anything, I just felt like I should draw on my skin so I did so whenever I was bored at work or if drawing on paper wasn't enough.

Last year I started creating SkinTatz temporary tattoos because I hated how any drawing or doodle I put on my skin would get damaged and disappear easily. Like pictured below, I use colored pens to draw on my skin but if I accidentally wipe it off of something, rubbed my skin or took a bath, it's gone! Sad right?



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Finally it got to the point that I didn't want to be disappointed too much with my skin art getting removed so easily, I researched on the best and affordable way to have long lasting temporary art on my skin, I considered a lot of options, found a supplier and boom! SkinTatz was born.

Why not have a real tattoo you might say, well I like variety so a permanent design like tattoos wouldn't make me happy because I'm always going to see the same design on my skin every day of my life. Booo.

What constitutes something to be designed on the skin though? Let's find out!


♥      Kinds of Art on Skin      ♥

There are different kinds of art that can be made on the skin. Why do it? Well, it's like adding another fashion accessory really. Here I shall enumerate some of the kinds based on what I know.


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  1. Tattoo: The most common one we know is of course the permanent tattoos we see on people around us or on mass media.
  2. Temporary tattoo: The kind of skin design that can be removed easily, usually lasts a few days to a week depending on the material used.
  3. Face and body paint: This is when artists use the body of people as canvas for their art in any kind of event or exhibit. It is also temporary and can only last a few hours or days depending on the type of paint used and the need for it.



***       Tattoo      ***


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As mentioned, I've never considered getting a tattoo because it's gonna be on your skin forever. Most of you might be familiar with this type of skin art initially perhaps as it was more known before as a sign that someone is a criminal or had been jailed. Lol. I mean someone who came from prison usually has a tattoo right? Or if not that, the person might be part of a certain tribe somewhere.

Nowadays people have tattoos because they like to show off the wonderful art that mean something to them. For some people they get tattoos to immortalize their love or the relationship they have. Others just want to go through the pain of having some meaningful design on their skin. Some just like to follow the bandwagon. Lol. Whatever the reason people get tattoos, putting permanent art on the epidermis is not for everyone.



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Not only is it gonna be on your skin forever but it will give your body added activity to "clean" or "eat out" the pigments. Plus, in case you want to remove the damn thing, if let's say you broke up as a couple, it's either you have it tattooed over or have it lasered off.

The first one will cause you pain again just to have a new design over the one you don't want anymore. The second one will make you spend money on clearing out the ink like you never had a tattoo.

See, we're people who change from time to time that's why if someone wants to cover up old tatts they have to do one of those two things mentioned above. Some people don't bother much if they have to do the above-mentioned, but some people don't want to be bothered by doing any of it.

Anyway, I found a video last year that amazed me. The process is kind of amazing once you know the science behind having a tattoo removed. Check out how it's done below!

(Video credit:  SmarterEveryDay via


Now you should know why people with tattoos are considered to have "dirty" blood. On top of having the skin art removed if you don't want it anymore, once you get a tattoo you also have to wait for a year before it's safe to donate blood. But hey, whether you like something permanent designed on your body or not, feel free to research on everything involved first to be safe when you finally have it done. Who knows, it might not be advisable if you're prone to keloids and all so better do your homework first if you've never had a tattoo ever.




***      Temporary tattoo      ***


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On the other side of the fence is of course what I prefer: temporary tattoos. You can change the skin design whenever you like, be it every day or every week. Have any art that you want over your skin and match it with your OOTD. You'll be a cool kid like that. Lol.

There are also different ways to wear this. Use either of the following:

• Plant-based dyes, like henna
• Skin stickers, like SkinTatz temporary tattoos

Mostly we see henna used by artists on the beach or in India too where henna tattoos are more known. Haha. When using henna, you just have to paint the liquid mix over your skin, wait several hours or as long as possible for the dye to seep and stain into your skin. Once it's done, you can remove the crusty dried henna ink and your temporary skin tattoo should show a beautiful red design that can last up to a week or two!


(Photo credit: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen via


Ain't that a beauty eh? Of course if you can't find henna and don't know anything about mixing it and doing art on your own or if you can't find a henna artist, well look for a temporary tattoo instead!

These days temporary tattoos can be all black or colored so you don't have to worry what kind of design you want to stick on. All you have to do is find the design you like based on those available for sale, or have it customized from a seller like yours truly!


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Usually temporary tattoo stickers just need water to be applied on the skin. It only takes a few minutes to put on and can last a day up to a week or more depending on where you put it and how good you take care of it.

If in case you'd rather not use these, there's always the more common body or face painting. :)

(Video credit: Claudio Quinteros via




***      Face & Body Painting      ***

Upon researching online, it is indeed true that painting or putting any kind of art on the skin has been going on since ancient times. Tribes used face painting for hunting, rituals or to mark their social status among other things. Body painting was used the same way the face was painted.



(Photo credit: Karl Hammer via


Of course these days such are more commonly done for art expression for events, exhibits, fashion and just pretty much anything you can think of. You wanna wear art on your arm? Use some body paint or colored pen and voila! You got the perfect artwork for added oomph to your outfit or Instagram pic. Cool huh?



So now that you know all of these, I'm sure you've finally decided if you'd like some (more?) art on your skin today. Lol. Have fun when you get one and good luck!


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