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Sky Diving

Skydiving basically is a jump with a parachute done for adventurous and military purposes.For adventurous purposes it is done by many people around the globe.There are many places in the world where people go specifically to skydive.Victoria Falls in Zambia is a center of attraction for skydivers , Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world and also a place for skydivers to go to. New Zealand is a country filled with spots for skydiving like Queens Town and Lake Wakatipu. The next place i am going to tell you about skydiving is the world's most biggest mountain i.e Mount Everest. Hundreds of climbers and visitors go there every year to enjoy skydiving. In USA Florida there is also given an opportunity for the lovers of skydiving to skydive from 18000 ft.For me the best place to skydive is Burj Khalifa in Dubai. You have the most beautiful view of Dubai city when you skydive from there. The record is 828 meters.

Apart from enjoyment it is also a really dangerous work to skydive. If you ever go to Skydiving please keep in mind the precautions for it.

Make sure before skydiving you have an extra parachute for backup in case the first one doesn't work. Also make sure the the weather is suitable for skydiving.If you are ill or have any other disease which can affect your health if you skydive please make sure you consult your doctor before the skydive.

In Pakistan, Skydiving is done by SSG (Special Services Group) of Pakistan Army. They are best free fallers and commandos trained to skydive for war purposes. They have been given special training by Pakistan Army for this.

In the end , I would like to request you all that before skydiving or any other adventurous activity please ensure all the safety and precautions for it.

Enjoy your Skydiving.



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