Slavery or Technology: Two Different Visions for Girls' Future

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As the world notes that almost 90 million girls worldwide are involved in child labor, and almost half of those in its most abusive form, the UN has sought to set another vision of what is possible - encouraging/empowering young women/girls to secure their place in tech careers. See our Blog for Film “More Girls in Technology but How?” (According to the ILO around 127 million boys are similarly involved in child labor). Link to "World Day Against Child Labor".

Geena Davis to Further ‘Tech Needs Girls’

Technology empowers as career as well as in our lives. The actress Geena Davis will lead the campaign of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) that seeks to raise global awareness of the role information and communication technologies (ICTs) can play in empowering women. The new Special Envoy for Women and Girls in the field of technology said she is “thrilled” with her latest role with the ITU. “This role will enable me to take the work I’m doing to a much bigger scale globally, through developing and consulting on strategies to advance gender equality and the empowerment of girls and women in ICTs. It’s incredibly important to get more women and girls connected to technology, and a big factor in making this happen is going to be ITU’s work.” See Blog for Film Regarding Current Efforts - UN Launches Women/Girls Tech Portal


The Girls in ICT Portal:

According to UN News Centre and ITU, the ‘Tech Needs Girls’ campaign aims to highlight the potential of technology to transform women’s lives, whether it be through ICT-based career choices or by improved access to services like e-health, e-education, e-commerce, e-banking and a host of new applications and devices that can help girls and women address their day-to-day challenges. It seeks to do this with the help of high-profile ambassadors such as Ms. Davis, as well as with an extensive program of online multimedia content, major advocacy events around the globe and key partnerships with industry, government, civil society and other UN agencies. The Girls in ICT Portal houses over 400 programmes, including over 100 scholarship programmes and an equal number of contests and awards, some 60 training and internship opportunities, over 100 online networks offering career support and mentoring, as well as tech camps and other activities. See our Blog for Film -"Encouraging Women/Girls in Information Technology"-


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Film Annex has also become more deeply vested in supporting technology and Internet empowerment in Afghanistan, and particularly the women/girls of Afghanistan. To learn more about entrepreneur, Francesco Rulli, and his Internet initiative and corporate social responsibility program, See:  Afghan Development Project. Also see our discussion with Film Annex  “Why Education & Internet is Responsive to Society & Womens/Girls’ Needs” .

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