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For good health where good nutrition, clean environment and exercise is necessary. Proper sleep also plays an important role in maintain good health. But people of this era pay no attention to proper sleep. Proper sleep keeps the body energetic and active. All the activities of the day are performed in a well managed way. Those people who are deprived of proper sleep cannot perform their activities well. These people are always at the risk of developing chronic and serious diseases. According to a recent research those who does not take full sleep develops brain disorders and affects the memory badly.

Proper sleep and good health are in mutual relation with each other. Those who do not have proper sleep their immunity are also affected. They are attacked by different diseases frequently. They are always at the risk of getting heart diseases and brain diseases. These people have high mortality rate than those who have proper sleep.

There should be equality in everything. Excess and deficit of everything affect the health. According to experts seven hour sleep is necessary for everyone but this duration of sleep is different for everyone. Some people are active and energetic after a sleep of 5 hours while other needs 8 to 10 hours.

Proper and complete sleep is necessary for health. People pay attention to nutrition and exercise and ignores sleep as a part of good health. Now a day’s people go to bed for sleep very late. They spend their sleep time in front of computers and television. This routine affects the health slowly. For getting comfortable and proper sleep we should do exercise in day time. We should take proper and balanced diet. We should avoid smoking and all other addictions. We should avoid heavy dinner and other cold drinks in excess amount. By this way we will have proper sleep and will be active and energetic for our activities.


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