Sleep three months paid Rp 200 Million

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Work a little but make much money? Well, this guy just needs to sleep for three months to get the money of 300 million, how can?

Yes, a man named Andrew Iwanicki unemployable by NASA to conduct research named CFT 70 (Contermeasure and Functional Testing in Head-Down Tilt Bed Rest Study), the study of bone and muscle atrophy in space. NASA research team has been studying about 54 people so far, and Andrew being the last one.

Sounds easy because only sleep turns out it is difficult to do. Recognized by Iwanicki, staying in bed was not what he had imagined. He was not used to because there is no activity for three months. Iwanicki worried after wake up her body might collapse, his experience in the research center is far from pleasant.

The first five days, which he felt was a headache, neck, and back. Digestive system is not effective because of the absence of gravity. To amuse himself, he read and watch TV. "I've been here for three weeks, and still be here seven weeks," said Iwanicki. How Bitlends? Want to work as Iwanicki?

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