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  - "Happiness is ...", you fill in the blank answers lacking offline! Remember, happiness is not too high where it is all around, on the side you sir!


"What is happiness, mother?"

Childhood, when only a year old child, I once had a mother like that asked. At that time, I just smile - a smile gently like water fall, then she hugged her little daughter was rolled into the mother's eyes. Mom says:

"Daughter ah! Happiness is inherently a very abstract concept. It is colorless, odorless, tasteless; but it's enough for people to recognize it, to chase it and catch it. "

There are those who say happiness is red. You know why not? Because, bright red, splendid red, red get people to pay attention to it. Yeah, it probably is true! But according to the mother, sometimes happiness is simple. Happiness is not something too big, too grand period, too big. Over time, it began what was very familiar, ordinary and small.

Mother also heard people say that happiness is sweet - the taste of the candy that I normally eat. Do you think like that do not, my daughter? Happiness was very sweet indeed. But you know, in addition to a pleasant sweetness that, in order to be happy, people will have to go through a lot flavors: bitter, bitter, salty, .. etc. ... So, I think that, if you say there is happiness, it must be combination of flavors.

Every person in this life will have his own definition of happiness differently. Because life is a multi-colored picture, colorful; we stand from different perspectives, living in different circumstances, have themselves different relationships to the way we perceive life will be very different. Maybe the mother is happy when dad saw me and get a good meal. The father, is happy to announce achieve success in the job, see our family complete physical and mental. As for me, maybe I would be happy to receive a beautiful doll, a nice outfit or simply when their parents when early dismissals, is not it?

Son asked his mother: "What is happiness?" Huh? Maybe what she said would be confusing for a child up in as children, but I believe five months eventually will help me understand what I want to say. I desire that, it will be along the lesson in this lifetime. Happiness is a noun, is the way people used to call emotional when I feel good, when you feel satisfied and contented. Do you feel happy or not is in the eyes of children, in my view on life. Just let me be myself happy, then definitely you will find yourself in the life of that term.


- Happy kids with a cradle that is elected sweet mother's milk, is one of three gently kissed her forehead.

- Happiness of a child who was six when the first floor to the case of theft, are all referred to as "student", was walked through the gates of the primary school to prepare for a journey to conquer knowledge.

- Happiness of a student's exercise book in your hand with the red last 10 points, accompanied by her critics: "I'm very good at it! Trying to promote, for me, please! "

- Happiness of her, his pupil block 12 will not be anything but the feeling on the day that notice was sent to the University Park home. So officially became a freshmen.

- Happiness is a student of what? It's time to go to work can further burden to help out his parents. It's time to take part in volunteer activities to bring joy to people, to spread happiness and share is going to say. As if holding a diploma with honors and found for itself a stable job after many months of sitting on the seat amphitheater day.

- Happiness of an employee is to receive praise from superiors, fulfilling his responsibilities.

- Happiness of a doctor is to bring life to others, is to help them win the scythe of death, so they have more time, more opportunities to see and enjoy the fresh life beautiful.

- Happiness of a teacher's time will probably be seen many generations of students grow up, grow and succeed in life.

- A mother's happiness is very simple! Just family harmony, seeing happy husband and children, are cared for them, they get back from a gesture of attention, a warm hug.

- Happiness is the father of a successful career. Becoming a man pillars of the family, a good father to the children proud.

- Happiness is a girl to love and be loved. Daughter, who also hope to find my life a shoulder strong enough to lean on when they most soft; a hands warm enough to hold their hands in the middle of crowded place, pull them out of the liquid lost and alone.

- Happiness is a guy meets a girl gentle, willing to listen, understand and feel for them.

So ah yeah baby! Nobody like anybody happy! Happiness is created by the children themselves, to find a pharmacy and self-perceived. You can not just sit there, that lingers oh lament: "Why are not happy to find her?", I can not wait for others to bring happiness to children. Life is yours, as well as of human happiness. You to slow down, think different, more loving to listen to the call of happiness. Happiness has always existed around me, but perhaps the chaos, the more damage calculations, the sadness did not deserve blur your eyes, that you no longer see clearly happy again.

If someone told you that they are not happy, they are the most unfortunate people in this life. Then I tell them what my mom said coming home to me:

- Where's The unfortunate child, when I was still living in her parents' arms, the warmth is felt love from everyone around me. Children still have a place to return to after so tired of life, which is family. And the helpless, they will know where to go for help?

- You say that you are not happy huh? So I can still remember the documentary about the African land of sunshine, but the wind is not usually considered. How children halfway around the world, the sick child, body, skin and bones just are picking up the leftovers on the ground. You can choose your food, you can not blame this delicious dish, cook other dishes unsavory. Also, they do not have the right to choose, anything that can help them hold their own life enough to make them warm.

- I had the misfortune not to have a healthy body. Even Nick Vujicic - the man is known to the defects of the body, but he still smiles every day, still optimistic that life sir. Helen Keller once said: "I cried when no shoes to go, until I saw a man without legs to wear shoes." - Reflect on this saying okay, girl!

- You say that the most common failure. I say that it's God unjust to me. Con lamented that the efforts of the unrequited. But dear, if a tree is growing in an arid areas will root deeper to find water with which the plant is grown in a fertile soil. Difficulties and challenges that will help you become more mature, more mature and more stable in life. Do not fall, girl! The road to success will be littered with roses - very beautiful and eye-catching, but when stepped on it, my feet would be bleeding accepted by their thorns. Only if you have enough faith, strong enough, then I can touch the sky dream. I desire, experience is the name that you set for your failures.

The last thing I want you to remember, happiness is a journey, not a destination. Do not be looking for it at a distant place. Indeed, much happiness simple, very close. You to stop for a second, a minute of my life to find happiness. You need to get out of the mire of despair, of sadness bored, then I can step further and seek happiness for yourself, okay girl! "

When I was five years old, she taught me how. Then, I just knew silent and listen she said, but with the mind of a child, I did not understand much. And now, thirteen years later - when I was a young girl of eighteen, each remembered her first lesson, I smiled and silently thanked her - the most wonderful woman in my eyes.

And you, you have your own definition of happiness yet?

"Happiness is ...", you fill in the blank answers lacking offline! Remember, happiness is not too high where it is all around, on the side you sir!............

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