Slums in Pakistan

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            Pakistan is a developing country with a population of 170 million and people living in slums are 26.6 million.This high proportion of people living in slums are even deprived of the basic facilities like health and education.They are suffering from countless problems:

  • poor sanitation system
  • ill health
  • poverty
  • electricity
  • illiteracy
  • and many other





            There is a high rate of illiteracy in Pakistan.Sometimes it become difficult for them to provide three meals to their kids.They can't pay for their kid's education.These slums are a serious challenge to our government. The inhabitants are helpless and are unable to do anything for their miserable lives.Most of their women work as housemaids and the men get jobs for little money.





            It is quite impossible for the government to provide houses and other facilities to all of them.The clean water that once flow through the streams now gives a pungent smell.Such water,swells with insects that causes various diseases like malaria,dengue,typhoid e.t.c.It is very hard to live in these slums but a great population of our beloved country lives in slums with all these never ending problems.




            But ..... the truth is that LIFE GOES ON.....!!!!


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