Smart Free Internet 2014

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After the announcement of Smart Communications on September 25 that they are giving free internet usage to their prepaid subscribers, here are the things you should remember when using their free internet service.  



It's not forever.
The promo is ending on November 20, 2014.

It has a daily limit.
Every users can only enjoy up to 30MB data usage per day.

There is a prerequisite.
In order for you to enjoy the free internet service, you must have atleast 1-peso remaining balance or you have subscribed to a service or promo.

It's a daily basis.
Yes, you have to register daily before enjoying the service by texting FREE to 9999.

It's limited surfing freedom.
The free internet service is only allowed for surfing news websites, social networking sites, shop online, search, send and receive emails and music in Spinnr. Torrenting and streaming are not allowed.

It's for prepaid subscribers.
Yes, postpaid users don't belong to the promo.

It's good to stay in Philippines.
If you leave the country, say goodbye for the free internet. 


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