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I am sure glad that workplaces such as offices, shopping centers and factories are implementing smoke free environment in most countries.

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According to a research conducted in US, it has proven that 33% of less cases of heart problem after the public smoking ban had been implemented.

This is good news to both nonsmokers , second hand smokers (means burning end of smoke breathe out by smokers ) and veteran smokers.

For second hand smokers and veteran smokers, banning them from smoking during working hours could help them to quit smoking indirectly and reduction of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, there are numerous cases for non smokers especially kids and old folks had died for inhaling second hand smoke for a long period of years.

These innocent people died from SIDS, asthma attacks, respiratory problems, sudden stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Why No Smoking
Studies had proven that long term exposure to second hand smoke will induce damages to blood cells and blood vessels especially in respiratory system.

Although non smokers do not smoke, inhaling ashes from burning cigarettes that produce toxic substances may stick to the lungs of the people who had inhaled..

The main point is there is a possibility that non smokers are at the risk of contracting heart diseases if inhaled for several years ( staying under the same household or work places ).

No Smoking Benefits
Researches had found the positive sides if increasing the bans in work places and shopping centers.

Your colleagues and customers will reduce the chances of contracting high risk diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

I am sure if you are the customer, you wouldn't want to visit a restaurant where the employees smoke outside or behind the kitchen, right?

I would suggest that employers of each company should implement smoke free work place in order to help their employees to quit smoking indirectly and cut down medical expenses bear by the company.

This is to cut down expenses and increase customer patronage.

Is your workplace smoke free?
What are the public places that are smoke free in your country?
Do share with me your opinions. I would love to learn from yours.

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