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There is powerful document proving that smoking is injurious to a smoker’s health. In addition to throat cancer, scientists have noted an increase in diseases of the heart among people who smoke.

Tobacco in the bloodstream cause blood vessel to contract and therefore the blood circulates slowly. The arteries harden and less blood reaches the brain ultimately this slow down which cause a blood vessel to break in the brain is commonly called a ‘’stroke’’ furthermore, tobacco in the bloodstream reduces the ability of hemoglobin to release oxygen. The lack of oxygen forces the heart to beat faster and it increases the risk of heart attack as well.

However, the most recent studies show that a smoker also endangers the heath of the people around him. Scientific studies show that the families and co_workers of smokers suffer from the diseases related to smoking in greater numbers that the families and friends of non smokers. The non smoking wives and husbands of smokers sometimes develop diseases related to smoking before the smokers develop them.

Statistics also show that non smokers who are in close contact white smokers in the office develop these diseases at a greater rate than co_workers who sit father away from the smokers.

As a result of this information, non smokers try to protect their health in different ways. in Some companies, smokers and non smokers work in separate offices. Other companies surround the smoking employees with smoke filters.  Most companies do not allow smoking employees’ public place such as canteen and cafeteria. They also request visitors not to smoke. Non smoking office workers say: ‘’it may be smokers’ right to smoke, but it’s our right to live.

If you smoke, tomorrow will be too late to decide to give it up. Give it up right Now.

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