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So I have many dogs in my house first we had 3 that was, spark, cross and dark then we gained another named cabbage sadly cross and dark had the parvo cabbage had a punctured organ and spark..............well spark lived a good life of nine years and with his last breath he was happy that he served his owners well. And then there was Latrelle my year and a half dog that was more crazier that a tornado in a jar. Latrelle was one of my loyal dogs that don't actually follow and hunt everything by image , he hunts by sound. When he bathes he does his best to get the whole house wet after . We had 2 other dogs after spark died, their names were hotdog and wesley. Hotdog was a mini purebred dog I forgot what his breed was but I'm sure he was a good breed of dog and also he loves to eat everything sadly he also died of a punctured organ and did not live to be a year. Wesley was my favorite dog of all of my dogs with exception to spark at one year old oh boy was he big although he likes to sleep he just happily goes to my brother Jayson because he looks like a piece of ham so does the other dogs. Then we had 2 more dogs after that one was truffles a girl dog that likes to climb at the table but sadly we had to give her away because my mom was getting annoyed and the other was Dallas another mini dog that I think is part pincher part k-9 but nevertheless twice as irritating. Another two came into our house one was named bernard who was always close to my dad and is the most emotional of all my dogs and Isis tokyo I just don't know why my brother called her that. Well those were my dogs currently there are 5  dogs in my house and if you're reading this you probably know who they are so this ends why I have so many dogs at home maybe I'll write something different again I'll just rest my head on the what if Jesus was a ninja story so my brain's all blocked need to research more

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