So you have a bad day and not feeling your best.

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Okay, so there are days when you're just feeling not your best and you feel like you need a pick-me-up. As much I want to talk to you dear reader, geographical distance can get in the way and so privacy issues, and so anonymity you would probably mind.

Perhaps there are just times when you need a good complement that could help you be at ease.And I'm not judging you, I feel that too and so others that are too shallow to just not admit it. So let me help you pal, sometimes all you just need is a simple complement, flattery from someone.

How about you get it now? Yes, you deserve some complement.

What I would like you to do is follow the my caption button  ">"> and type in there your name or your nickname, but I would prefer for you to write the name that people usually use that refers to you. Hit the enter, then wait for the surprise.

*hey, I don't own the site and have nothing to do with its production however I found it too clever for you to miss out.

Are you doing it now, or are you still reading this column? Take a break with this article and do what I told you so. Then get back here.

If you're done with the activity keep on reading.

Are you feeling better now? If you can't say for sure, don't worry - every emotion is awesome. 

Just remember:


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