Social evils

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Social evils undermine the whole social and economic system. Moral values disappear and institutions get destabilized. Society goes to dogs and nothing remains behind. Adulteration takes a heavy toll of human life. The large scale damage done through adulteration is not only immediate but far reaching. Paralysis has become very common because of adulteration.

Wide spread blindness before old age in the people of Pakistan owes much to this bad practice. Outbreak of certain diseases and epidemics is also the after effect of adulteration. In short, adulteration are like white ants eating away health. Smuggling is another country wide evil. It is an illegal import and export of goods without paying custom duties. Usually, there are restriction on the transfer of such goods but the smugglers takes the risk and continue their business.

They cause a great loss to the national resources, national wealth and national economy. The wealth of one country flows to the other. Now a days, the smuggling of modern weapons and the narcotic drugs has caused much damage to the people of our country. In spite of the punitive measures taken by the govt of Pakistan this nefarious business is still going on.


Bribery is another social evil which causes more damage to the country than is usually realized. If bribery becomes wide spread in a country, the affairs of the state go into the hands of corrupt and undesirable persons.Naturally, the pace and tempo of progress is restrained and national money goes waste. Not laws but only a sense of moral and national responsibility can free a society from the evil.


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