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People nowadays has using gadgets as early age, and it's really important in some matters in communicating to our family and friends from afar, and getting a new chance for life, like  work and even in romantic lifestyle, in studying and for leisure . But many people  nowadays hook in and become addicted.

Forgetting the real life, plus finding some new things from social media they have been addicted. We can learn different things bad or good, commercial, blogs & videos pop up on side bars out of control, making an innocent mind to explore and to learn and to do such things we didn't expected. Due of being busy on works or by our own gadgets and social media accounts adult forget to guide the young once and forgetting the value time in the family.

At this modern time, many family relationship and even friendship destroyed by this social media as well as the gadgets itself. Innocence snatched by the gadgets and by over using and viewing.

Selfies, self video taping lead into something and causing to exposure, doing such crazy thing not just to be noticed but also for pleasures of others.

If we just have also time for guiding our own family, especially the young and if we not forget to communicate personally by talking instead of texting, messaging & chatting, if we look on the nature by itself instead of just looking at the picture or just for taking pictures, we might much appreciate life and save somebody's life.

Having control and time management in social media, gadgets and to our own family is most important to do and to deal to have a healthy lifestyle and a happier family relation.

Making God the center and not the gadgets of the relationship can save the family, friendship and the work/job.


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