Social media effects on different dimension of life

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Today, the spreading of information and communication technology has got some effects on different dimension of life such as political, economic, cultural and social. by decreasing the need of shared place to get connecting, now people can have a relation together in virtual environment. This type of communication has brought some new things in culture and society.

This new technology can create a new personal communication in virtual environment. In this environment people can make a relation together, and by operating internet facilities like social networks and chat rooms, a great network among people will shape which cannot be controlled. This type of relation can eliminate traditional communications and create a new identification for people around the world.

By creating virtual social media, a new shape of life in virtual environment has been created and communication with people changed from traditional to modern type and has effected on social relationships.

Social media are one of the most popular media which have many fans especially among people. Making relationship and communication with people is one of reasons which social media now are very famous.

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