Social Media in Afghanistan

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Social media, such as facebook, Film Annex, twitter, and you tube today have got millions of fans, and they could have provided the willing of their fans.

One of the good characteristics of social media is that their fans can easily share their thoughts and complaints across the world about the challenges their country or the world face.

To date, social media could have overthrown many dictatorial governments and have replaced a democratic government instead. For example, they have overthrown the dictatorial governments of Syria and Egypt through the social media.

Over all, the effectiveness of the social media is more than something we think on the people of the world. Today, people of the world increase their awareness capacity and fight against the social, cultural, and political challenges they face through the social media.

However the social media in the world are so young, they could have absorbed millions of people across the world. At last, we can say that social media have really changed the lives of people across the world.  

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Zahra keramat is a young educated journalist who thinks her most important responsibility is to echoe the people’s voice honestly and realistically. It was and is her deep-seated wish to help people via the media. This is the main cause that she has chosen to be a journalist, and graduated…

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