Social Media is just a tool, YOU are in charge

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Social Media is a fairly generic term related to sharing platforms like Film Annex and Facebook, as well as technologies, algorithms, and strategies. Social Media creates a discussion between educational and corporate institutions, entrepreneurs and professional athletes, students and homemakers.

Assuming YOU stay up to date with new technologies, platforms, and algorithms, the real factor is YOU and your personality! Here are some tips on how to make the best out of social media and how to make it work for YOU!

Focus on fewer topics and become very knowledgeable of the subject you're exploring. Hire experts like Film Annex Buzz to help and be focused.

Discipline yourself to write and share the topics you are passionate about on a daily basis. Be persistent.

Don't follow the crowd and build your own opinion even if contrarian. Be confident.

Don't be indifferent to people, look them right in the eye. Be emotional.

Make personal calls and e-mails when you want to shake things up. Be aggressive.

When something is on your mind, write it on a blog like this before you move to the next thought. Be efficient.

Act on your thoughts, theory is not reality. Be real.

Few more things work for me and could work for you:

Practice Judo and start building schools in Afghanistan! Life is too short to procastinate.


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