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Nowadays everything is modern with high technology. Almost everything is easy to access and everyday is getting more high-tech like phones, laptop, tablet, and etc. Computer is one of the best technology in this generation with connection of Internet you can be socialize, informed, and also you can use this with all your transaction with your business. So the computer with internet you can connect or having fun with your friends even phone or tablet you can use to be socialize on social media. Lots of social media networks now like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, BITLANDERS etc. Social media sites it's fun and entertaining but everything there's an advantages and disadvantages. So the social media network could help or could be danger to us but these are depend to us of how we use it. You have to be careful of providing personal information if you want to be safe and at the same time you're enjoying being socialize.


The Social Media Network is an online platform that anyone can join sharing, posting photos ,videos, & thoughts , chatting , and making new friends. This is only personal definition.




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Having a friends is part of our life now. Making new friends is very good because it can help us to be socialize, confident, and learning. Learning of what kind people they are, background, hobby etc. Respect of what they believe, wants, don't wants and if they are really close to you and true friends for you they will be there when you need a help. Creating a memories as a friend, bonding, hang out and knowing each other. Friends can be your diary sharing your story , thoughts,and unforgettable moments. Social media network is easy way to meet different people and making new friends around the world.


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Aside of being socialize or having a lot of friends on social media it can help us also to find someone that we've lost by searching their names or someone connected to her/him. I heard and I seen on TV news a lot of stories about they found their love ones or missing person,  mother, father, brother, and sister.The social media is easy way to find someone you've lost because a lot people active or always using social media networks especially Facebook is number one and a millions of people using it. A lot of people they found their love ones/missing person  because of Facebook. 


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This video was published in the year of 2013. It was a news about ''Police found missing child by Facebook''. The lady been missing when she was a little girl for a decade without knowing if she's alive or dead. The police found her on Facebook and he sent a message to the lady to inform her and he re-opened the case. So this one of the good things of social media networks can be a key or way to find someone missing.


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Social media networks are very entertaining because you can meet a lot of people, making friends, viewing their post, watching videos, listening to the music, blog etc. Mostly people they love to share their everyday living on social media, they post a beautiful photos, videos, adventures, travel experience. It is really fun and entertaining it's nice always connected to your friend via online and always update of what's going on everyday.


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This is really good because in the old days there's no computer nor internet. In the old days if you want to send message to somebody you have to make a letter and send it to the post office and it will takes a few days or weeks before it sent or use a TELEGRAM but that was before. Social media it is really help a lot of people to be connected around the world they made it easy for us. We don't need a credit for our phone to send a message internationally nor use a telegram because the social media networks can do that without cost of money unless you own an internet connection. We just have to be online to send a message, video call and voice message and will sent straight away, easy right ?

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This for those who looking for online job especially mom's out there who staying at home and of course anybody could earn money on social media such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, BITLANDERS etc. You could earn from liking post, watching videos, making video, blogs, affiliates etc. This is really good aside of having fun on social media you could earn a real money too. That's cool! you staying at home or anywhere and you earning money




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Hello! to all those who addicted on social media! (including me) Social media networks are so entertaining that's why lot's of people addicted now. Being addicted on social media networks it will change a lot of things with your sleeping time, habits, emotions, eyesight, thinking, etc. It's really bad being addicted because it can affect with your health. Being addicted of social media it can affect also to your relationship and family because you're giving more time on internet than to your family. This is really bad because the communication with your family or your partner it will fade away if you are addicted on social media. It's kinda controlling you ! it's sounds creepy but it's true.


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Cyber bullying is an electronic technology includes phones, laptop, and tablet to embarrass the person online or on social media. Bullying is happening in personal life too such as in school, work, everywhere. Cyber bullying makes other person embarrass or ashame and that would be the people hates you. They posting embarrassing photos or videos and putting mean comments. That's really can affect to a person. It can affect her/his confident, behavior, it could cause of suicide. It's easy to say bullying can ruin people lives.


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When we we're little we used to hear "don't talk to stranger" that's number one reminder from our beloved parents. Of course we should keep that reminder forever we shouldn't talk to anyone. We don't know if they have bad intention to us. On social media you can meet a lot of people or make a friends around the world. Chatting is not bad but you have to be careful because you really don't know who you really talking to. He/she could pretend somebody else and trying to get information from you or they could trick you. Social media is fun but we don't know if we completely safe and maybe someone stalking on your profile. Stalker could be anyone and watching you and your profile constantly. It could be danger if we talk to someone we don't know and posting or providing personal information.



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This one of the scariest on social media or in real life. We can't please everyone to be nice to us anyone could blackmail us especially he/she know something about you and he can use it to threaten you. Blackmail is an act of threat, or asking money. This is revealing of something against of a person if you didn't do what he/she want. ( personal definition ) That's why you have to be careful of providing personal information and who you talking to.


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This was Amanda Todd a young girl was been bullying on internet and personal. It changed a lot of things of her it was horrible. It was started with chatting and after that she received a blackmail from a guy on Facebook and it started ruined her life to dead. It was a sextortion story of a young girl Amanda Todd. You can watch her untold story click here.

The Social Media Networks could be fun or danger. Be smart and don't give your personal information if not necessary. The main thing you enjoy and connected with your family and friends. I hope you learn something new today especially "the disadvantages of social media networks". My best advice to everyone use social media wisely. Feel free to share your story below either good or bad experience on social media are welcome.
















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