Social media training and #SustainableEconomy

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As every day passes I feel I am getting near to the aim that the program is established for. It is so nice when I see the girls who reach to achievements and see the results of their efforts. They communicate by writing with the whole world that shows their ideas. They could use the ideas of better writing and be more useful in their life.

In the last week the students studied some parts of the insert menu as date and time, page number, format page number, picture and clip art. They also studied how to use the symbols and objects in page layout menu with all details. At the end we studied the reference menu and foot note, end note.

In filmannex we studied new blog post option and edit your information to insert biography, and more. We did the list of subscribers , but as we the computers were a few so it will take time. We emphasized to not copy from other sources of internet in any way, the blogs should be original. In twitter we got familiarization about the accounts and how to share blogs in that. The students could put new blogs in their accounts this week.


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The Houz-e-Karbas High School was founded in 1962 in Afghanistan. The all-girls school has approximately 4000 students, 92 teachers, 5 senior teachers, one education manager, and one administrator. Many classes are taught in tents. Film Annex built the first Internet classroom at the Houz-e-Karbas High School in May, 2012.

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