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Afghan Citadel Software Company (ACSC) along with Film Annex set up Citadel of New York (CNY) LLC in July 2012. ACSC’s CEO Roya Mahboob has been Film Annex’s partner in their many initiatives in Afghanistan and CNY further cements that association. Together, they have acknowledged and utilized the effectiveness and reach of social media to popularize and generate support for their initiatives.

Their social initiatives in Afghanistan are:

Afghan Development Web TV: This is a wonderful step forward for a country like Afghanistan to showcase the stories on the ground and to talk about the real events as they transpire. For a developing country, it is of crucial importance that its progress, news and people find their voice in the world. And, Afghan Development Web TV is the right step in that direction as it showcases documentaries, interviews, film clips and blogs from Afghan Youth Development.

Building educational infrastructure: Film Annex and ACSC have recognized that education needs to be actively encouraged especially women’s education. As the economy emerges from war and is still facing a funds crunch, a lot of work needs to be done towards education, as education is the key to progress or success. In this direction, Film Annex endeavors to build 40 internet classrooms in High Schools in Herat in Afghanistan. Work on 3 such classrooms has already been completed till July 2012. This is in recognition of the fact that internet is knowledge, and knowledge is power! These classrooms are equipped with new computers having internet such that the students can share their stories, connect to students all over the world, share experiences and knowledge, and be a window to the world about what is happening in their lives and in their country. 160,000 students will reach out via social media to millions of students globally.  Already, 20,000 students are connected! This is just the starting point. As internet connectivity improves, social media will enable them to connect with other Afghan students as well as with students in Europe, Asia, and US etc.

Examer Software: An online software, it will enable students to use social media platforms like Facebook for communication, take online exams, do online assignments and also post their own blogs, films, and articles on Film Annex. The achievers will be rewarded by micro payments made directly to them using mobile technology. Direct incentives will be major boosters to them to perform well in their studies.

Afghan Business Incubator: The target for this initiative is to promote eLearning and utilize social media strategies for achievement of their goals. They are actively working towards building the internet classrooms.

Aided and supported by USAID and Corporate backers, Afghan Development Project is slowly spreading its wings in the mindspace of people. It already has over 24,000 fans on Facebook! Film Annex currently has around 4000 followers on Twitter and an astounding 187,000 fans on Facebook. It further disseminates information by showcasing of movies, documentaries, features and blogposts on FilmAnnex’s website.

Film Annex is a great example of how social media can be effectively used to promote social causes and to create awareness.

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