Social Media Week in NYC #SMWNY towards Advancing Digital Media and Leadership

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This week is the Social Media Week here in NYC and many other parts of the world. I attended several interesting sessions with inspiring people.  The Future of Publishing panel covered the main issues about the role of social media in journalism and how to make users more eager to follow up with the content that you are publishing.

I would like to refer to what Mallorie Rosenbluth the Vice President of Client Services, Likable said about the "Headline Culture". She refers to what normally happens to each reader when they start reading an article and most of the time they will stop reading it at a certain point and not going through the whole article. While I was listening I though YES! This is exactly what I have experienced many time. It takes almost three paragraphs to get bored and no willing to continue the article. Although for me as a reader if the topic covers more pictures or at least they put the main idea and the goal of the article in the first paragraphs they I am not going to lose any important point in it.

Right to Left: Anthony Ha, Mallorie Rosenbluth, Kate Lewis

In Advancing Women: Leadership in Digital and Social Media panel, inspiring and motivated women executives from different sectors were invited to share their thoughts and stories. What I got from the panel is that providing the right tool and having a goal oriented time-line and believe on what you can do with understanding your skills and knowledge will help you together to manage your work and life without any conflict.

In the other panel of Calling All Journalists: How to Rebrand Yourself as a Content Marketing & Social Expert - I found two important keys which often has been forgotten for a person who wants to pursue her/his career in social and digital media and the way of introducing her/himself as a brand. "Keyword" one of the main elements which help the performance of the person in SEO and giving a niche of the way he/she wants to make a brand for her/his work. They panelists insisted on using Linkedin as a handy platform where usually employers are going to find their employees. The second but the interesting one was how much we are taking care of our Facebook page. For a person who really wants to build her/his brand in social and digital media industry the information (either picture or text) in the FB page makes more sense for the employers than anybody else as they will almost understand your personality and your thoughts.

So, You better watch out what you are going to post in your Facebook Page :)

I were in many informative and wonderful sessions  this week and I met great people whom I am going to meet them in person and talk more in details about our activities here in Film Annex and Women's Annex Foundation.

Stay tuned with me and enjoy your social/digital media life ;)

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