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Social media is now a days fastest growing media in the world.It has become one of the most powerful media in the world from last few years.Everyone of us use socia media in our daily life.There are many tyes of social media .Many  social media applications have also been created for the people to use depending upon their intrest.The best social media now a days running amoung the people is facebook , twitter, youtube and google+ .Many types of social media have created earlier like Orkut , my space etc , but they didn’t last long.

There are many types of social media.Infact the social media has divide into hundreds of catagories like sports application, music application,news  etc.People use these applications according to their intrest for example some people like sports some like songs,some like games .Social media provides great entertainment to the people.

Social media now a days is a part of life .Our day didn’t went well off without using and surfing  social media.People share their every day thought and feelings on social media.Many people made new friends on social media every day.The best thing about social media is that it is not bound for making friends infatc it does not have any boundries.One can make friend from any where in the world.It does not require any permission to make friend for out side of his state,country etc.As there are hundreds of people using social media ,so one can easily find his friend according to his interest.

Beside every thing the social media provide us, there are also many disadvantages of social media.People waste their pecious time on social media.Mnay poeple sit for hours and hours on their computer and other devices  wasting time on social media applications.Many people become the victims of fake identity  people for example there are many people with fake identities using the social media and their only work is to destroy the people life, first they become your friends and collects your personal information from you and then in the end they start  blackmailing .

Some of  governments  have decided to ban social media in their countries.China has banned facbook for the reason that it is the complete wastage of time and it is spoiling the young greneration.Youtube is blocked in paksitan for some religious reasons.For some extent it is true that the social media has become the drug for people.It has reduced our physical activities.So much use of social media on our computer and other devices have bad effects on our health.

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