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Social Media means to interact with people and to share ideas and views virtually on social networking platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google + etc. The main advantage of these social networking sites is that they allow you to connect with people, friends, family through virtual means and to share your ideas and views with them. This helps in interacting with people and sharing ideas and thus improving your creativity. Social networking websites can be used from anywhere in the world and this helps users to connect with people around the globe and to use their minds and interactions to learn more and more things. Social media has variously taken the place of television and other such entertainment tools, as this mean of information is vast and fast, you can sitting in your home can contact and can share information around the globe.
In our daily life everyone spends time on social media. People spend hours on social media. Social Media is entertaining people in different ways.
Must of us are addicted to social media and spend all our day on social media. Social Media is a platform where people from different countries and different places come together, meet each other and share their thoughts.

One must not misuse social media because it damages your image and reputation. Social Media is replacing Electronic and print media which the main reason that it is now called a “revolution’.
New Social Media platform are also coming in which is entertaining the people so one can not get bored of social media. Through social media one can also become an anchor or journalist. One can write their blogs and articles on their websites.
Social Media is two way communication platform while Electronic and Print media is one way. This makes Social Media unique and useful for the people. So they can do and say whatever they want on social media. Indeed Social Media is a “revolution”.

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