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Social media means the mean of social interacting of people with each other. There are many ways of social media. Some of them are following: Newspaper: It is the cheapest and easiest way of interacting socially. It provides information of all over the world.


TV: The news channel and TV also provides information of our society and of the entire world. There we can receive all type of information easily. It is also the cheapest way of gaining information.


Radio: The people listens radio whenever they are out of home. Information is also provided on radio. News is also broadcasted on the radio.


Internet: Internet also provides information of all kind things. Search engine are available on for gaining information. Emails are send and receive within the seconds and people can chat with each other on internet.


Face book: It is a social site where people can interact with each other. They can chat, listen music, watching news watching movies, watch social conference and Government seminars. 

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