Social Movements

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There are different definitions for social movements and we can have here some of the short ones: The term social movement denotes a concerted and continued effort by a social group aimed at reaching a goal (or goals) common to its members. More specifically the effort is directed at modifying, maintaining, replacing or destroying an existing social institution.

The term is also used to denote the group of so engaged- this general formulation leaves open the question, e.g. of degrees of organization and continuity or of clarity of purpose all of which may vary from one social movement to another or within any one social movement in the course of history. Another more explained definition which we can have here: ʻ…collective enterprises to establish a new order of life they have their inception in a condition of unrest, and derive their motive power on one hand from classification with the current form of life, and on the other hand, from wishes and hopes for a new scheme or system of living…as a social movement develops, it takes on the character of a society. It acquires organization and forms a body of customs and traditions, established leadership and enduring division of labors, social rules and social values, in short, a culture, a social organization and schema of life.

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