Social networks and women

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The large  part of society is made form women the women have right to reach their  rights.and participate to different  part of society so now social networks take the ground for women that they active to evry part like social, culture,education,business,tech etc  and one of this social network  is film annex that once its filed women annex.

Women annex is the best way for women to publish theirs activitys

 women annx is the one of foundation that made very ease for women.and women could that everwhere in office ro houm relate whit it from that way women can do different work like show their work activity or post their balg post their blog they can relat their think and knowledgeable  accumulate whit anther and from the women annex  they show their skil.

 ather people use from theirs experience and useful for them.



                                    Parwana faizi students ofKabul university 2nd years

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