Social Networks: Are They Really Social?

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This is era of modernism and technology. We live in 21st century where everything is digital. Every mechanism is computerized. And even our lives have also gained an electronic style. We live in world full of electronic products and electronic media. We have shifted many things from physical to virtual. For instance our social lives have limited to computers and mobile phones through various networks commonly called social networks.

These social networks have been very useful ways of communication and have introduced different cultures to each other and helped globalizing the world. People from different parts of world can get in touch with each other and can see many activities without actually being there physically.

Despite these networks’ great benefits and uses they have caused much harm. Instead of being social, people have become unsocial. They have confined to their selves and do not interact with each other physically even if they are able to do so.

This has made people unsocial and changed the trends and traditions of friendship. In past people used to do gatherings and friends invited each other on parties and various occasions. But now everything is carried out on social and electronic networks and there are no friendlier get to gathers and social gatherings.

This modern technology has changed our lifestyle very much and has affected us. Due to its impact our lives have changed and our behaviors have altered. So, where social networks have good benefits and uses, they have their harms. And we should be able to avoid these harms successfully.

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