Social Problems ... WHAT ARE THEY?

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What are Social Problems, Why do they exist, How can one eliminate them?
These are one the biggest questions of the era wiggling human minds. 

Just a couple of days before I happened to encounter a very hot & spicy discussion on "Social Problems" with a bunch of wise guys. The discussion started on what social problems individuals face in current world and why, which later on became a football game where each player was playing defensive to his view... such as:

Being treated as less than human when out in public based on appearances, clothing, color, etc etc.

but what are the real social problems ? 

Discrimination, stereotyping (lazy, slob etc...), shyness, overcompensating the physical flaws with the need to impress people either by personality traits or other assets, depression and a vicious cycle which usually leads to greater severity of aforementioned problems ....

Let's share our views with each other !!
I specially expect high value interpretations from the experts on this network.


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