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Social Security System of the Philippines

In 1957, the Philippine government created an agency that will provide retirement and health benefits to all its members. SSS is a social insurance program for private sector workers wage earners in the Philippines. Retirement, sickness, maternity, partial disability, pension and death are some of the many benefits you may avail if you are an SSS member.

In addition to that, there are so called calamity loan which can be availed by members affected by natural disasters like flooding, earthquakes and the like While salary loan may be filed and approve depending on monthly salary of the employee who is a member of SSS.

With all these benefits I find it being a member of SSS is a must.


Membership procedure

Be a member now!

Accomplish SSS personal record form (E1). Submit in two copies, Together with your Baptismal Certificate, or Birth Certificate.

in the absence of the aforementioned documents, you may be required to present two of the following secondary documents:

                 a. employment ID
                 b. GSIS member's record
                 c. School Id
                 d. Voter's ID
                 e. Driver's license
                 f. marriage contract(NSO copy)
                 g. Birth Certificate of children

                 Submit this to the nearest SSS office in your area. Strictly one SSS number to one SSS member only.
You must be employed and able to contribute to be eligible to SSS benefits. 


Death and funeral Claims

Death claims may be filed by the primary or secondary beneficiary of the deceased employee-member. There are only 4 types of person who are authorize to claim for the depose member. Living parents if the deceased is single, If both are not available, all of his/her living siblings should file the claim.

If married, legal spouse, beneficiary children of legal age, and guardian of children below 21 years old.

First thing first

Unaware of funeral procedure? This hub would somehow give you ideas on the funeral claim procedure.

Please be inform that funeral claim is different from death claim. Funeral claim is given to the person who shouldered the funeral expenses regardless of his/her relationship to the SSS member. As of this moment, funeral claim is amounting to Php20,000. and the documents you will be needing are as follows:

1.Death Certificate of Member duly registered with Local Civil Registry Office

2.Official Receipt/Contract (if not yet buried) issued by the Funeral parlor or certificate of Ownership for prepaid memorial plan

3.Filer's Affidavit (Sinumpaang Salaysay) to be accomplished by the person actually filing the claim

4.Waiver - if the claimant is not the one named in the official receipt.with authentic identification (w/ signature) of the one waiving the benefit

5.New Residence Certificate of the filer(Cedula)

6.Any valid I.D. of the filer and SSS Digitized ID of deceased Member

List of accepted ID's

  • Company ID
  • Philippine Passport
  • GSIS Card
  • ID Card issued by professional associations recognized by PRC
  • Marriage Contract
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Postal ID Card
  • School ID
  • Senior Citizen Card
  • Tax Identification Card/Affidavit
  • Voter’s Identification Card/Affidavit


What should I do next?

Upon completion of the above mention documents proceed to the nearest SSS branch in your area. SSS personnel will give you claim stub for the check. Wait for a few weeks to months before the release of the check, you may do phone call to follow up on your claim so make sure you have their phone number. This way you don't have to wake up early and fall in line just to follow-up. They will text you if your check is ready for pick up.

If you receive the text, bring valid ID, and Death certificate of the member and the claim stub that SSS has given you when you submitted the documents for your claims.

It is best if you put the filer's name to the receipt from the funeral parlor. Document stated in number four will not be necessary. Less hassle, less documents needed, faster claim. It is also better if you file the claim before the internment. If funeral parlor service charge is less than Php20,000 you must keep all receipts of the burial expenses for food that was serve on the wake.

For online inquiries of you contribution

Visit HERE. Sign up and login. In this site you will be able to see on what sss benefits you are eligible. You can also monitor your premium contributions.





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