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All of us are members of the human society. We depend on orders for our existence. This dependence on others is a felt at every hour of our life. Everyone of us therefore has to give something in return for want others give us. This means that everyone of us has to serve other members of society.

Society is too much large for a single man to serve at a time the task is beyond his capacity. As how every one find division of labor in nature in the same way there can be division of labor in society. A men can society in the direction in which is inclination lie. After all social service is largely dictated by every person interest .

A person society should beperssitive to the extent and work by his hand. Men do not agree in their capacities and temperament. To do the work that suit everyone temperament is the best way of giving full pay to aptitude. Most of us have to do very humble work in life. Some of us may be teachers.

A teacher is often regarded as per person but the work he does a friend society has a whole more than any other men work in the field of life. He is responsible for molding the character of the large number of students both man and woman. Society is a big clock work in which is even one has to do his allowed work. Time clock will not work if the even small part or wheel is its mechanism refused to do its work.

The whole clock because every little part is doing its work. Therefore everyone must do is his work in the best way. A better human society is better than clock. We may call it an organism because it is a living thing. Some would die if its any part refused to do work. The work of every person who is present in the society is more important and without it the society cannot survive.

In this society every person need to obey the rules and regulations and on on work in a proper manner. If they work in a combined them the society will be peaceful and happy. If the peoples of the society do not operate with one another then a peaceful society can not be possible. In this society every person don specific social service in many forms.

These social services have a great importance in our life and without it we cannot survive and the country will not be economically better. So it is the responsibility of the every person in the society that stayed on social service which is very good for the economy of a country.

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