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This was the second time I was invited to the New York Open Judo Championship and this year was incredible. 

Thanks to Film Annex and the amazing athletes who really showcased their talent as some of the best in the world this years New York Open Judo blew me away. I was too focused on the action in front of me, but I did manage to snag one short video which I threw on social media

We were given a friendly tour of the New York Athletic Club by fellow Film Annex member Michael Sweeney who was also in attendance with his son, Dylan Sweeney. The New York Athletic Judo program is one of the best in the world featuring numerous Olympic athletics and including a strict training regimen. 

The New York Athletic Judo schedule is quite intense, but allows the Judo athletes to also enjoy the rest of the New York Athletic Club and the gorgeous views of Central Park South. Seriously - even though it was the bitter Winter I don't think I've been at a vantage point nice enough than the 7th floor of the New York Athletic Club Judo room.

I had the privilege of bringing my pal Brandon Stefanski (we call him Bud) who is a Judo and BJJ athletic and advocate. He explained he's more or less the Ralph Maccio of both worlds having learned unofficially. He gained a lot from coming and will be sharing his experiences directly at Film Annex as a Judo/BJJ blogger.




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