Solar Generation (Part 2)

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Advantages of Solar Generation

Solar Energy is free although there is a cost in the building of collectors and other equipment required to convert solar energy into electricity or hot water

  • Pollution Free
  • Solar energy can be used in remote area where it is too expensive to extend the electricity power grid
  • Infinite source while other sources (coal.oil) will last for  10 to 25 year.
  • Fewer Losses
  • Atmosphere friendly
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Long life

Advantages of Solar Generation

  • Primary Cost
  • Weather conditions (work in day time and sunny Areas)
  • Required Large area for install the plant  For Capture the sun


There are Two methods of the Solar Generation

  1. Indirect Conversion
  2. Direct  Method

Indirect Conversion:-

                                        Indirect Conversion is  solar power (SCP).SCP system uses lenses or mirrors and tracking system to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam.commercial concentrated solar power plant were first developed.concentrated solar collectors generally have focus the suns beam radiation these have smaller receiving area while collector area is larger.

Following Collection in this category

Parabolic Troughs Low weight and low cost technology single are tracking

  • They transfer heat up to
  • At temperature B/W Ptc can efficiently produce
  • At focal line of the receiver  a metal black tube is placed and it minimizes heat losses
  • When the trough is pointed in the direction of sun parallel rays which area striking the reflector are reflected in to the rescuer Tube.
  • At noon time complete aperture always foces the sun but collector efficiency during early morning and after noon is reduced due to enormous incident

    Linear Fresnel Lens

  • LFR depends on array of liner mirrors Strips
  • Thes e strpis focus light on a fixed receiver which is fixed on a liner tower
  • A broken paraboile trough can be imagined as LFR but it does not have parabolic

  • To minimize mechanical these are fixed close to the ground
  • Dual axis tracking system

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