Solar Generation (Part 3)

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Parabolic Dish Reflector

                                                                Parabolic Dish Focuses solar energy  at the Focal point of Recevier

  • Dual  Aixs
  • Can attain temp of 1800 c
  • PDR consists of parabolic shaped dish concentrator which redirects solar emission into a receiver    which is fixed at the focal point3


Heliostat Field collector

  • A multiplicity of plane mirrors can be used to reflect incident solar radiations on to a matual target and very high input of radiaut energy is obtained this is also called central receiver collector
  • They are highly efficient;

Direct Method

  • Direct Method is by using photovoltaic solar cells silicon solar cells have been widely used
  • PV is a device that converts light in to electric current using the photovoltaic effect
  • Solar  Photovolatic system(PV system) Has been applied to solar pumps for water pumping for drinking water supply

  • For paractical use this usully requires conversion to certain desired voltages or alternating current (AC) through the use of inverters
  • Multiple solar cells are connected inside modules modules  are wired tied to an inverter which produces power at desired voltage

Reflective Materials

  • Reflective materials are used to make the surface are used to make the surface brighter and to capture the more solar radiations
  • Selection of reflective materials to design parabolic heat collecter has very significant role
  • A perfect material is one that has following Characerstics

  1. High Reflection Efficiency
  2. Can be easily attached
  3. Long lasting in a varity of environmental conditions
  4. Able to bear ultra vialet radiations
  5. Easily available
  6. E-conomical
  • Dual  Aixs

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