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Dear friends, Let's start our topic will a short introduction about this legend actor of the Bollywood.



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Salman Khan is a well-known Bollywood actor who is famous for his various movies. His acting is marvelous and mind blowing and he is not only famous in India but also in other countries. He has worked in many movies and showed great performance. He played an amazing role in movies and made good acting. His complete name is Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan. He born on 27th December 1965. His father Salim Khan was a famous writer of Bollywood.

Dear friends, let's move ahead, now I will tell you the following facts about this legend actor.

  • Abdul Rashid Saleem Salman Khan

  • Education till 12

  • Writer and Director from the beginning (Movie Falak)

  • First movie Biwi ho to Aisi

  • Never used his father name for career

  • Love for Jim from teenage

  • 750 rupees for the first ad for cold drink age 15year

  • Main ne Pyar Kia blockbuster movie after 4 months audition

  • Bhagishri meet with Salman at movie poster photo session

  • Mohnesh Behl was recommended for the villain by Salman in movie main ne Pyar Kia

  • salman khan got 75000 for movie main ne Pyar Kia

  • salman got no job till 6 months after successful movie main ne Pyar Kia

  • salman rejected baazigar movie due to negative role

  • sangeeta bajrani first gf of Salman Khan

  • somi Ali declined for movie Jaan due to Salman khan friendship

  • somi Ali was in Buland movie but rejected it due to too many ads

  • Salman and Aishwarya separated and Salman standing in front of her house

  • Salman got a bracelet from his father Salim Khan

  • Salman khan haircut for movie tere naam but it was artificial

  • Salman Khan got dunked for shooting in chal mere bhai.

  • Salman fond of painting, Jai ho poster was made by him.


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Now let's know the above facts in detail.

Complete Name:


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The complete name of Salman Khan is Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan. He is known as Salman Khan now his actual name was joined with his grandfather Abdul Rashid and father Salim khan name.

Education till 12 class:


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Salman Khan got education till 12th class and soon he became working with TV commercials and ads. He went to college but then he left the education and started his career in Bollywood.

Writer and Director:

Salman Khan was thinking that he will work in Bollywood as movie writer and director from the beginning of his career. He also directed a movie named Falak but it was not actually presented and was rejected. Then he started working as an actor.

Biwi ho to Aisi first movie:

Salman Khan went for some work and he was selected for the hero of the movie biwi ho tu Aisi because this role was easy for him and the director chose him for the actor. Salman played a good role in this movie.

Salman never used his father name:


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Salman khan father was a famous movie writer but Salman never used his name for getting work in movies. He always wanted to make his sole name. His father was also thinking that he should use his name.

Love for Jim and Exercise:


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Salman Khan was fond of Jim and exercise from childhood. He used to go in the Jim but he also hides it from his father as his father was not thinking that he should go in the Jim.

The first ad for 750 rupees:

Salman Khan made a role in an ad for 750 rupees. This ad was actually of a cold drink and Salman worked for getting money.

Main ne Pyar Kya movie:


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Salman Khan was selected for the actor role in movie main ne Pyar kia after 4 months audition. First time when he went for an audition he was rejected for working in this movie but later on, he gave a successful audition and Sooraj who was director selected him as a hero in this movie.

Bhagishiri meets with Salman Khan first time:

Bhagishi met with Salman Khan while they were on the set for the photo shoot. When the photographer asked Salman to hug with Bhagishiri then he replied that Bhagishiri must give him permission, that thing generated a great respect.

Mohnesh Behl Career movie:

Actually, Salman was the person who recommended Mohnesh as Villain for the movie Main ne Pyar Kia and that movie was the first career-making film for Mohnesh Behl and then he started working as a successful villain.

Salman Khan first Salary:

Salman got his first high salary for the movie Main ne Pyar Kia that was worth rupees 75000. He was recommended for 35000 rupees but due to the high business of that movie, he was awarded 75000 rupees.

Salman Khan Rejected Baazigar movie:


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Actually, Salman was the first choice for Baazigar movie but he rejected this offer because he was thinking that he would not be able to do the negative role. After that Shah Rukh Khan was selected for this movie. That was also a blockbuster movie.

Sangeeta Bajrani:

Sangeeta was the first girl which became the girlfriend of Salman Khan. Both were seen on many sets but got separated before the marriage.

Salman and Aishwarya:

Salman was also in love with Aishwarya but they were separated due to unusual reasons. Salman also told that he was standing for a whole night in front of her home. After that Salman was also captured in the harassment crime.

Salman fond of the painting:


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Salman Khan is also a great painter and portrait maker. In fact, he made the poster of Jai Ho movie. His many paintings were bought by Amir Khan.

Salman got Bracelet from his father:


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Salim Khan gifted his son Salman a special bracelet which he wears all the time. Salman says that this bracelet is very lucky for him and he finds it very great.

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