Some Crazy Facts about Strawberries

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Some Crazy Facts about Strawberries

I know many friends love to eat this flavored fruit, and I love too, but many of us may not know how much important strawberry to us. Let check these out some facts and some are really crazy too.

1. Strawberry is belong to Rose family
2. Some people believe that, the strawberry is the symbol of Venus, which is the Goddess of love. So those people prefer strawberry to make love between their relationships.
3. It can fulfil 20% of our folic acid need to our body.
4. It is rich with vitamin C, and able to fulfil our 140% of our need of vitamin C.
5. Also, it can fulfil our manganese mineral need by 28%.
6. Recent research has shown that, Strawberry can improve blood sugar regulation which becomes main interest for our scientists to put their attention in this.
7. This is the only fruit, which seeds attached to its skin not inside of the fruit.

So, what do you think, isn’t it good to consume strawberry in a right measurement regularly?

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