Some Extremely Underrated Places You Must Visit In 2018

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This is my second blog my first blog didn't approve because Miss Hillary didn't like it. I hope this one will be approved and get some stars too. This blog is about traveling and beautiful destinations. Let's start.

Confused about where to go for your next vacation? We’re sure you’re thinking about The Eiffel_Tower in Paris, The Taj_Mahal in India, The Burj_Khalifa in Dubai, The London_Bridge, The Sydney_Opera_House, and the list can go on.

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But you’ll be surprised to find out about the vast number of beautiful places that are known tourist destinations and people definitely need to be made aware of them. Have a look at this list and tell us if you aren’t convinced! Here goes. 

Here’s a list of places you should visit at least once in your lifetime:

1) Picos de Europa, Spain:

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 Let’s move a little out of Barcelona and explore Spain. The Picos_de_Europa is a mountain range situated in the Autonomous Communities of Asturias, Cantabria, Castile, and León. The idea of national parks in Spain was introduced by a man called Pedro Pedal who was an Asturian senator, and so the first national park of Spain came into being back in 1918. Now called the Picos de Europa National Park, a tourist destination widely popular among the Spanish, completes a century this year. The Picos de Europa with its breathtaking scenery and never-ending hiking paths would be heaven for an admirer of nature.

2) Botswana:

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Botswana is another one of a list of places that should be added in your go-to list. Situated in Southern Africa and famous for its massive landscapes and unique wildlife, Botswana is a total win! Okavango Delta, Chobe National park, Maun and Kasane, to name a few, are what give Botswana its tourist tag. Kasane is known for its rescued wildlife, providing shelters for elephants, crocodiles, and other animals and are a rare site. Chobe national park is widely known for its diversity of wildlife, is an ecosystem to a large number of animals. The Okavango Delta, famous for the same, serves as a habitat to 1000s of animals under threat of extinction. If you’re an animal lover, this place is 100% recommended!

3) Moscow, Russia:

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Moscow is Russia’s most populous city, a place that is too alluring to resist! Home to a wide range of beautiful destinations, Moscow is no less than your usual fairy tale. It is globally known for its unique architecture that is next to impossible to miss. Opened in 1856, the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow, designed by architect Joseph Bove holds ballet and Opera performances which give you an experience of a lifetime. Home to the president of Russia, the Red Square should be in everyone’s book of must-see places. The extravagant site ends up putting one in a state of awe.

4) Vendee, France:

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Everyone knows how breathtakingly beautiful France is, but when planning a vacation, we don’t tend to go beyond ParisVendée is a city that has all it takes to be in the top 5 tourist destinations, from water and amusement parks to festivals to natural landscapes, vendee has it all! Vendee is ideal for nature lovers. The nature lover’s paradise has the most unique species of birds that flow in from all parts of the sphere. The beaches of the city are another exquisite site to see. It is perfect for chilling by the beach since the weather is spot on, being sunny for the most part of the year. Other tourist destinations that are worthwhile include The Puy du Fou Theme Park, Adventure Chateau at Avrillé (which includes a Sherlock Holmes trail), Atlantic Wake Park (includes bouncy castles on water). Perfect for a family holiday, no?

5) Galapagos Island Ecuador:


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 Last but not least,  Galápagos_Islands in EcuadorThe place that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, The Galapagos Islands are home to the most diverse animal species, a worldwide famous place for wildlife viewing. Enough said?  We can of course not ignore what nature has to offer. The Galapagos Islands are undeniably one of the most heavenly sites one could ever experience. Keep this one on the top of your bucket list! If you do decide to go, make sure to book a guide licensed with the Galapagos National Park because visits to majority islands aren’t allowed without them.

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