Some Facts About Doctor

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Everyone in society looks at doctor with a respectable gaze. The profession of doctor is a busy one . Different people in society choose different professions. Some want to become pilot,professors,lawyers,army officers and some like to adapt the occupation of  business.But on contrary to this,most of the people in society like to become doctors and engineers. (2)  

                  As far as the occupation of doctor is concerned it is a very busy and hardworking job.To become a doctor one has to attain a lot of knowledge about biological sciences. In the next step he has to take and qualify an entrant test for getting admission into a medical school or college.Having achieved admission in medical school , he has to pass a specified period in the college . During his stay in the  college he learnt basic and clinical knowledge about medicine and surgery.He attends wards of different specialities in hospital where he learns clinical skills. He is also learnt about the fact that how to behave with the patients.

                      After completing his duration in medical school, he then does his internship or house job in hospital for one year.After that some doctors seek jobs while others continue their medical study go for  specialization in a specific field like surgery, medicine,gynaecology etc. After accomplishing their specialization,they serve both in government and private clinics. In this way they remain busy in their life and serve the humanity.

                  Finally, I would like to say that medical profession especially doctor is unique one and it gives us an opportunity to serve  humanity.                                                                                                     

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