some games that can earn you bitcoins

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hi i would like to introduce you to some of the games i play these games share these common features
1- you can invest or you can play for free
2- they all involve around the them of buying some production facility (oil rig chickens bees miners etc) which will produce goods (oil eggs honey ores) and these goods can be sold for game cash to build more facilities and to cash out earnings.
3- you obtain free production facilities by referring others

So lets introduce these games shall we
(1) Ore Mine :
in this game you start with a mine it has 5 slots each slot need 8 hours to be filled with ore you collect the ore which transfers to bitcoins you can buy more mines and upgrade your existing mine with bitcoins for more production.

link :--

(2)R88 or as i call it oil miner
how to play it is simple
you build derricks which generate oil
you sell oil for game cash to build more derricks
you can cash out game money into real cash
invest or play free its your call
if you play free you need to collect daily bonus for some days to get cash for first derrick

 lnk :--

(3) Golden Bees
same as the game above but you have bees that make honey
use honey to make bee bulb
use bee bulb to make more bees
don't forget your daily bonus
you start out with some free bee bulb to make some bees to start with

(4) Chicken Coins
Raise chickens
collect eggs
Sell eggs
Buy chicken food (dont worry its cheap and last long)
Daily bonus
link :--


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