Some Great Movie Ideas for Filmmakers

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If you are a filmmaker that can't come up  with a film idea, here's a few ideas to get you going down the creative path. Lots of filmmakers, myself included, get a brain freeze now and then, when  you are unable to come up with a fresh plot or storyline. If you ever get in a slump, there are few tips that will help you make a fresh start and get writing again. Here's a few film ideas:

1. Romance. Romance sells like magic. A few gal pals and I went off to a Caribbean destination not too long ago, leaving behind boyfriends, etc. Perhaps your screenplay may have the heroine going away to find her true calling and her destiny. She may be a bit down, even suicidal. Along comes a waiter or a cab driver that could change her future. You get the idea. If you are on a holiday, get creative. Start thinking of scenerios that could place a few key characters in a romantic situation.

Use your own life story for inspiration. If you are older, think of a young man-older woman scenerio. This time, have the young man be the one who is obsessed and bent on murder and revenge once he gets scorned. Or another idea may have you write a screenplay where there is true love between an older woman and a much younger man.

2. Zombie Movies. There is nothing like zombie movies to make the heart beat faster. I love watching zombie movies because it is always exciting to watch, even if it is predictable. I made a zombie movie myself. Loved making it because I put a comedy twist to it. You can use your imagination to make your own zombie movie and enter the latest Zombie Film Festival.

3. Animal stories. Everyone has pets or knows someone who does. Maybe you know a friend who has an usual pet. A horse that seems to be talking or a dog that has uncanny abilities or made a miracle recovery from some illness. You may find an unbelievable story there between an old man and his cat. This idea was generated into a film called Harry and Tonto, (1974) which starred Art Carney as a retired New Yorker who goes on a cross-country trip with his cat, Tonto. It was truly an unforgettable movie and concept. What about a story invoving cats and dogs. It's been done before in another unforgetable movie called, "The Incredible Journey." People love animal stories.

4. Documentary. You won't run out of ideas here. Use your own life story for inspiration, especially if you've experienced huge challenges and have overcome them. If you know of someone with a particular talent in a field, this also makes great material. Check out your local newspaper to hear about incredible stories. Sometimes your living family members are able to retell their war experiences. This could be the idea of a short documentary on the Second World War from the perspective of a war veteran. Everyone has unique experiences and it is your role as a filmmaker to discover the unique. Maybe you know of a one-time talented singer/ musician who somehow faded into the shadows and now has miraculously been rediscovered by millions. You could be making your own, "Looking for Sugar Man."

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